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Get started using Helm

This guide walks you through setting up the Helm Operator using the available Helm chart.


Install the Helm Operator chart

Install the HelmRelease Custom Resource Definition. By adding this CRD it will be possible to define HelmRelease resources on the cluster:

kubectl apply -f

Using helm, add the Flux CD Helm repository:

helm repo add fluxcd

Install the Helm Operator using the available Helm chart:

helm upgrade -i helm-operator fluxcd/helm-operator \
    --set helm.versions=v3

Confirm the Helm Operator deployed successfully:

$ helm status helm-operator
NAME: helm-operator
LAST DEPLOYED: Wed Jan 01 12:00:00 2020
NAMESPACE: default
STATUS: deployed
$ kubectl get pods
NAME                             READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
helm-operator-6985656995-dpmdl   1/1     Running   0          31s


This installs the Helm Operator with only support for Helm 3 enabled, to also enable support for Helm 2 and connect to Tiller, read with Tiller below.

With Tiller (Helm 2)

Make sure your Tiller installation is secure, and create a secret for the client certificates:

kubectl create secret tls helm-client-certs \
    --cert=cert.pem \

Install (or upgrade) the Helm Operator with the Tiller configuration while also enabling Helm 2 support:

helm upgrade -i helm-operator fluxcd/helm-operator \
    --set tillerNamespace=kube-system \
    --set tls.enable=true \
    --set helm.versions="v2\,v3"

Confirm the Helm Operator deployed successfully and connected to Tiller:

$ kubectl get pods
NAME                             READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
helm-operator-7cc7c798cc-kn26w   1/1     Running   0          18s
$ kubectl logs -f deploy/helm-operator
ts=2020-01-01T12:00:00.556712443Z caller=helm.go:71 component=helm version=v2 info="connected to Tiller" version="sem_ver:\"v2.16.3\" git_commit:\"1ee0254c86d4ed6887327dabed7aa7da29d7eb0d\" git_tree_state:\"clean\" " host=tiller-deploy.kube-system:44134 options="{Host: Port: Namespace:kube-system TLSVerify:false TLSEnable:true TLSKey:/etc/fluxd/helm/tls.key TLSCert:/etc/fluxd/helm/tls.crt TLSCACert: TLSHostname:}"


Targeting a specific Helm version in a HelmRelease is possible by defining the spec.helmVersion, e.g: helmVersion: v3 to target Helm 3. Read more about this in 'targeting a Helm version' in the HelmRelease guide.