Monitoring FluxΒΆ

The Flux daemon exposes /metrics endpoints which can be scraped for monitoring data in Prometheus format; exact metric names and help are available from the endpoints themselves.

The following metrics are exposed:

metric description
flux_cache_request_duration_seconds Duration of cache requests, in seconds.
flux_client_fetch_duration_seconds Duration of remote image metadata requests
flux_daemon_job_duration_seconds Duration of job execution, in seconds
flux_daemon_queue_duration_seconds Duration of time spent in the job queue before execution
flux_daemon_queue_length_count Count of jobs waiting in the queue to be run
flux_daemon_sync_duration_seconds Duration of git-to-cluster synchronisation
flux_registry_fetch_duration_seconds Duration of image metadata requests (from cache)
flux_fluxd_connection_duration_seconds Duration in seconds of the current connection to fluxsvc